T.A.G Program

Helping Others is in a category of its own and one that should be part of all school's curriculum in an effort to build character and teach these values to our children at an elementary and middle school level.


Doing our part to accomplish this Universal Goal, we are proud to announce our newest program:  T.A.G - Teaching About Giving.  T.A.G is designed specifically for kids to arm them with the tools and knowledge they need to go out and help others around them in any way they can.


For this campaign, we have developed special cards that are more compatible for the younger students to give them a better understanding that by helping out one person they can ultimately help many.  To grasp the overall concept, we have created our T.A.G theme around the most popular game that any child would understand...TAG!


When you play the game of TAG, the object is to NOT be It.  If you are It, then you try to tag someone else so that they are now It.  This approach ties in perfectly with our card system.  If you have a card, then you are It.  And now it is your goal to pass this card to someone else by simply doing something nice for them, thereby making that person 'It'.  Then they will do the same and so on and so forth.


We are confident that the T.A.G Program can be educational and tie into any classroom curriculum as a learning tool.  To achieve this we recommend that in conjunction with this program that each student take the initiative to write a brief essay or report on what they did, who they helped and how it made them feel.  They should also note how it may have affected the person that they helped.  We highly encourage parental or sibling involvement to ensure the child fully understands the importance of giving and gets the most out of whatever they do.


If you are interested in getting your school or organization involved, then please contact us today at:  info@seedaneed.com


Thank You!