About The Founder Of SeedANeed
Eddie Struckman, founder of Seed A Need
Eddie Struckman is the founder of Seed A Need, the cause that simply encourages people to help other people. The easiest way to explain Seed A Need, explains Eddie, is it's like Pay it Forward on steroids¯

What sparked the idea for the site?
I am a huge fan of Pay it Forward. I was first introduced to the universal concept from the movie. It was a very inspiring movie with probably the worst ending in history. But none the less I found the whole theory of being able to help a multitude of people from just one small act of kindness to be very encouraging.

How does Seed A Need differ from Pay it Forward?

Although Seed A Need has the same intent of getting people to help others, our system has a lot more accountability to it. The problem with Pay it Forward is that it is a verbal command that is usually neglected or forgotten.

This is the main reason I came up with the "card system" with Seed A Need. Whenever you bestow an act of kindness upon someone, you simply hand them the card and instruct them to help others, i.e. Pay it Forward. The card will serve as a reminder to that individual that they are to go and help someone else. We hope that holding that card with the written message and instructions will compel them to do so.

Also, most people help other people for gratification. There is nothing wrong with feeling good about doing nice things for people. The card will deliver continuous gratification because each card has a unique # that will track all the good deeds that were associated with that particular card. This way you will be able to see how many people you helped along the way just by your one act of kindness.

Is this a Non-Profit?

Yes, we are a non-profit organization but we like to refer to it more as a cause.  A cause that ANYONE can participate in just by the giving of your time, effort and imagination.   The only cost we incur are that of cards, shirts and other items.  Any profits or donations that may come in are reinvested into further promoting the cause nationwide.

What is your goal with this site?

My ultimate goal is to create an army of helpers, i.e. 'seeders'. 

I think people want to help other people. But it does take effort and determination to actually follow through with helping someone. Needs are not always going to present themselves to you but they are out there. You really just have to keep your eyes wide open, carry a card with you at all times in your purse or wallet and always be on the lookout for the opportunity to help someone.

It's simple, the more cards we can put in circulation the more people will get helped. I pray that this cause will go global and soon be in every school, church, business and household in every country in the entire World!

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