News Recognized for Work Done with Schools

KMOV Channel 4 in the St Louis Missouri area recently recognized Seed a Need for its work with the Francis Howell Middle School in O'Fallon Missouri. Founder Eddie Struckman was recently approached by KMOV Good News for a Change segment to highlight the recent work and activity done by the Non-Profit The most recent project with Seed a Need has been to partner with schools nationwide to adopt Seed a Need as a program for the school. Seed a Need has a desire to work with students to show them how easy it is to affect someone's life for the good.

SeedaNeed hopes that after a successful year at Francis Howell that other schools nationwide might adopt this theme.  "Helping others and doing nice things for people with no expectation for payback should absolutely be part of any student's curriculum" says Eddie.  "We can't just assume the parents are going to do it, so I'm hoping that other schools see this as yet another opportunity to groom our children into becoming happy, productive adults who will always put people first." is a good deed organization that has been launched to do good deeds Nationwide, and eventually worldwide. The non-profit organization is a web based program that helps people first recognize how easy it is to change a life by doing good things, and secondly helps users track the good deeds by supplying SeedaNeed Good Deed cards at no cost. The SeedaNeed Good Deed cards have an ID number on the card, the ID is entered to the site, and the user leaves a comment about the good deed, and then passes the card along. This allows an ongoing string of good deeds that can be watched and tracked for the life of the card.

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